It is common for beginners to think that their website is OK just because it does not feel slow on their computer. It’s a huge mistake.

Modern browsers like Chrome automatically prefetch your website when you start typing an address since you typically view your own website often. As a result, your website will load almost instantly.

It may seem the same to someone visiting your website for the first time, but it may not be the same for a normal user.

The experience will be completely different depending on the location of the user.

We recommend you test the speed of your WordPress website using a tool like IsItWP’s WordPress speed test.

It is a free online tool that you can use to test the speed of your website.

Free Website Speed Test Tool

Perhaps you’re asking yourself what should be the optimal speed of my website after running my website speed test?

Page load times under 2 seconds are considered good.

But the faster you make it, the better it will be. Just a few milliseconds of improvements here and there can add up to half or even a full second of load time reduction.